Organization specific offerings

We offer your workforce specialized care

Healthcare professionals are your most precious resource.

Burnout is a long standing problem in healthcare and health professionals are speaking out.

Working in healthcare is inherently stressful and impacts healthcare professionals’ mental health and wellness. When needs go unmet, healthcare professionals, patients and organizations suffer.

Tend Health partners with your organization to provide low-friction, human-centered, private, flexible, accessible, and highly specialized support. Our highly trained doctoral clinicians all have expertise caring for healthcare professionals and the impact culture of healthcare can have. We have found that access to care increases utilization, which reduces suicide risk from untreated conditions and maximizes retention.

Learn how partnering with Tend improves your organization’s outcomes today.


Our Partners Include

Partnering with Tend Health Delivers

vs pathologizing
Evidenced based
Population health
Timely, accessible,

Your Organization Achieves

A culture
of self-efficacy
Wellbeing and

Benefits of Partnering with Tend

For Health Professionals

Reduce burnout/moral distress
Reduce FMLA/sick time
Improved interpersonal effectiveness
Emotional regulation
Improved physical health
Improved resiliency skills

For Patients

Improved experience scores
Improved satisfaction ratings
Decreased complaints
Decreased medical errors

For the Organization

Improved workforce morale
Increased job satisfaction
Improved engagement
Increased productivity
Increased retention

Speaking Engagements - Workshops - Retreats

Tend Health comes to you

We will work closely with you to tailor the session to your organization’s specific needs and partner with existing wellness programs.

Our curated virtual or in person events bring expertise to you. We work with you to design the format and content. We can focus on:

Mindfulness in Medicine
Self-Compassion for Clinicians
Mindfulness Based Skills for Clinicians
Wellbeing and Burnout Prevention
Mindful Leadership

Bring Tend Health to your organization, training program, and clinicians.

Learn more about how we work with organizations and training programs.

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Training Programs


Learn new concepts, build resiliency, and find community through live courses.

Our team of expert and diverse instructors bring together a community of like minded health professionals to learn new skills and expand our insights.

Our course offerings include:

  • COVID-19 Recovery Course
  • Self-compassion for Clinicians
  • Clinician Vitality – Mindfulness-Based Clinician Skills
  • Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) for Clinicians

Dan Johnson, PhD, Education Lead

I am a licensed clinical psychologist in Massachusetts and strive to use my training to help folks act in line with their values, live meaningfully, and extend compassion towards others (and themselves!). I have had the privilege of working in several hospital systems in MA and CO and have supported physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other healthcare professionals in navigating career and personal challenges. I joined Tend Health in 2022 and bring my principles of valued living, compassionate care, and healthcare equity to the educational and group sessions offered by Tend Health as Tend’s Education and Facilitation Lead.

When I am living by my values, you will find me meditating, spending time with siblings and their families, hiking with my partner, trying to keep up in my basketball league, jamming in my car to some old school punk rock, and building community for racial justice.

Bring a Tend Health course to your organization.



Consultation is for when your organization or an individual or team needs an outside perspective.

We engage with individuals or teams once or many times.

We focus on helping solve, discern, or gain perspective.

We offer actionable, specific recommendations for you or your team.

Areas of Expertise:

Workforce wellbeing
Burnout prevention
Mindful practice
High-performing teams
Leadership development
Interpersonal challenges


One-on-one or group coaching offers support, helps identify values, commit to goals, apply new skills, and build resiliency.

Our coaches listen and invest in the client’s goals. We provide a space to explore stuck points, dreams, and goals.

Accessible to your workforce through messaging from anywhere, anytime with full confidentiality.

Our coaches have backgrounds and experience in healthcare settings, healthcare leadership, and high performing teams.

We offer individual and group coaching.



Accessibility. We meet clients where they are, on their time. Telehealth on their phone, tablet, computer eliminates the hassle of travel.

Doctor to Doctor. Our doctoral level clinicians have worked in health professions training or healthcare settings.

Flexibility. We connect with our clients by secure messaging, phone, and video. The frequency, length and number of sessions are flexible.

Connection. At Tend Health we believe everything should revolve around confidential, trusting relationships.