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Healing During Covid: A Course for Health Professionals

Bring this course to your organization! We will work with you to coordinate the days and times that best meet your needs.

COVID-19 changed how people access healthcare, how people receive healthcare, and how healthcare professionals deliver care. COVID-19 – and its impact – are not over. The residue on health professionals is real and so is the financial strain. The need to make up lost revenue leaves little time for reflection, processing the impact of COVID-19, and meaning making to support post traumatic growth.

We want to help you unpack all of this. Join us to learn how to name, acknowledge, and create meaning out of the suffering – how to avoid getting stuck and instead move towards post-traumatic growth.

Self-Compassion for Clinicians

Bring this course to your organization! We will work with you to coordinate the days and times that best meet your needs.

This course is four 90 minute sessions, live-online series to learn and practice self-compassion.

You will discover why self-compassion is a superpower for clinicians and, more importantly, how to practice self-compassion. By the end of the course you will be incorporating daily habits of self-compassion guaranteed to boost satisfaction, resilience, meaning and joy in clinical practice.

Clinician Vitality: Mindfulness Based Clinician Skills

Bring this course to your organization! We will work with you to coordinate the days and times that best meet your needs.

Are you ready to learn the skills that are not taught in professional school but make all the difference in sustaining practice? Mindfulness based clinician skills are a series of skills that help maintain presence and prevent burnout. In this class you will learn why and how mindfulness can help support your role as a clinician – not just for your patients but for yourself!

Each session lasts two hours and includes both didactic and experiential instruction as well as rich discussion with other clinicians.

The course emphasizes strategies to reclaim meaning and joy in clinical practice, including how to manage and bounce back when things go wrong.

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

Depression and anxiety are very common problems – no matter your age, gender, level of education, or profession. In the classes, you will learn skills to help you handle your thoughts and feelings differently using mindfulness. Mindfulness is the awareness that emerges through paying attention in a particular way – on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally. By allowing us to be fully present, mindfulness helps us become aware of habitual and automatic emotional reactions and let go of them. In this course we will be systematically training in mindfulness to empower you to develop a radically different way of working with difficult emotions and negative thoughts.

MBCT is an evidenced-based therapy that is effective for:

  • Reducing recurrent episodes of depression
  • Treating active depression
  • Improving the management of anxiety

Group Coaching

Group Coaching is where individual process meets collective power. We bring together groups of individuals who are interested in creating and nurturing resonant relationships.

We use mindfulness, hope, compassion, and playfulness to get to the root of what holds us back and keeps us stuck. And most importantly we explore what it will take for you to manifest what you need most. All group coaching will encourage written reflection with specific prompts between sessions . Sessions will be capped at 8 seats.


Coaches: Allison Fox, FNP & Joan Fleishman, PsyD

It’s no secret, we are burnt out, and we are struggling. There is light at the end of the tunnel, but it feels so far away.

We have adapted, MacGyvered, and carried on while we deal with the same stressors as our patients. Although hope is here (yay vaccine!), it’s exhausting to think about how we will return to normal. So…

We’ve curated a coaching series exclusively for nurse practitioners. Join a small group led by an NP and a psychologist to:

  • identify your source of resilience
  • prioritize your mental health
  • reconnect to your why

While you can’t control external circumstances, you can control what they mean. By learning new techniques to change your personal narrative your perspective will radically transform.

Something Needs to Change:
Group Coaching for Health Professionals

Coach: Joan Fleishman

This is our signature coaching group. It was born out of my own moment of stuckness. I knew something needed to change, but I didn’t know what or how or when. I gathered a group of health professionals who had also expressed dissatisfaction with some aspects of their current work situation. We met monthly and explored our why story, our dream work, our values. Through sharing our reflections and drawing on common themes a resonance grew. In that space empowerment, confidence, and taking the leap were manifest.

We now lead small groups through this same series of exercises and reflective writing because it seems to be the magic recipe for connection, strength and taking the next step; none of us can predict what will be!

This group is open to any health professional.

Early Career Women in Academic Medicine

Coach: Joan Fleishman

Those early years as faculty in academic medicine can feel like a juggling act. The pressure to participate in clinical, scholarly, and educational activities can feel overwhelming. There are often many “supposed tos” and shoulds” flying around in your head. And you have your own GOALS too!

We will focus on allowing space to explore how to navigate your path in the academic medicine environment. How to do this while staying true to you, having your voice heard, and unpacking the real struggles women face. We will work on accessing your own internal knowing and draw from the group intuition, empathy, and strength to offer support and reflection.

This group is open to anyone who identifies as female in their first 10 years in academic medicine.

After Residency: Group Coaching for New Grads

Coach: Joan Fleishman

You just spent 23 + years of your life in some sort of structured education. And most likely the last 3-4 years feeling less than human most of the time. Some of you actually have *gasp* free time now… Resurfacing after residency can feel surreal and brings its own challenges.

There can be a huge shift for people as they start this next chapter. This group will focus on taking stock of the person you are now. We will explore what you need most right now, celebrate wins and identify areas in which you feel stuck. Through all this we will weave reflection on the whirlwind that was residency.

This group is open to anyone who has finished residency in the past 24 months.

Leading in Medicine with Integrity and Compassion

Coach: Joan Fleishman

There is so much pressure on leaders right now. Whether leading rounds, a team , a clinic, or a code, we are all called to lead as health professionals. Leaders are also struggling with working from home, leading through uncertainty, loss and pay cuts.

In this group we focus on digging deep into core values, limiting beliefs, and identifying the different parts of us that show up at work. We will draw from some of Esther Perel and Brene Brown’s concepts and exercises and leave space for reflective inquiry.

This group is open to anyone who identifies as a leader.

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