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Offerings for Individuals

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Accessibility. Video telehealth on your phone, tablet, or computer eliminates hassle of travel.

Doctor to Doctor. All of our doctoral level clinicians have worked in health professions training or healthcare settings.

Flexibility. We connect with you by messaging, phone, and video. The frequency, length and number of sessions is up to you.

Connection. We believe that all support should revolve around confidential trusting relationships.

Privacy. We ensure your privacy and honor your individual process by documenting in a separate, secure health record and by not billing insurance.

Individual Counseling is currently available in 42 states.
Expansion to additional states coming soon!


Integrated Medication Support

Personal. Meet with a licensed psychiatric practitioner to enhance the care of your mental health.

Direct. Access your practitioner through telehealth.

Custom. Create a tailored plan together with your practitioner.

Integrated. Coordinate care with your Tend Health team in an integrated, private record.

Integrated Medication Support is currently available in: MA, NY, OR and WA. Expansion to additional states coming soon!



At a crossroads? Feeling stuck? Ready to take the next big leap?

Coaching clients access us through messaging from anywhere, anytime with full confidentiality.

Coaches have backgrounds and experience in healthcare settings, healthcare leadership, and high performing teams.

Why coaching? Coaching offers support, helps you identify and commit to your goals, apply new skills, and build resiliency.

Coaching’s key ingredients including deep listening, clarifying values, and investment in your goals.

We offer individual and group coaching. Coaching is not a clinical service so your location does not matter.



Consultation is for when you need an outside perspective. We focus on helping you solve, discern, or gain perspective. We offer actionable, specific recommendations.

We can engage with you once or many times.

Areas of Expertise:

Workforce wellbeing
Burnout prevention
Mindful practice
High-performing teams
Leadership development
Interpersonal challenges


Learn new concepts, build resiliency, and find community through live online courses.

Our team of expert and diverse instructors bring together a community of like minded health professionals to stretch our minds and expand our insights.

Our course offerings include:

  • COVID-19 Recovery Course
  • Self-compassion for Clinicians
  • Clinician Vitality- Mindfulness-based Clinician Skills
  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) for Clinicians