Licensed Clinical Psychologists & Doctoral-level Mental Health Clinicians, Part-Time (4-20 hrs/wk)

About Tend Health

We bring together an exceptional team of clinicians at the intersection of clinical care, health professions, and technology. Our professional backgrounds in health professions training and experience in healthcare unites us as a group with a deep understanding of the honor and challenges of being a health professional. 

Our collective personal experiences with the barriers that exist for healthcare clinicians to access needed mental health support fuel our desire to create a system that eliminates those barriers.

We strive to create a world where all health care clinicians have access to exceptional mental health support and to create an organization where everyone has a deep passion for impacting that mission.

About our clients

Tend Health is dedicated to proving therapy and coaching to health professionals. We serve  anyone who cares for the physical, mental, or behavioral wellbeing of others. We serve healthcare providers, healthcare leaders, and health professions trainees.

We strive to meet our clients scheduling needs when at all possible. We engage with our clients through secure video sessions, telephone, and messaging platforms.

About our clinicians 

We are looking for doctoral-level  clinicians who are passionate about and expert in caring for health professionals. One of our core values is that our clinicians have familiarity and experience with healthcare settings and health professions training.

You’ll fit right in if you…

  • Are a Clinical Psychologist or doctoral-level trained licensed mental health clinician  with an active license in one or more the following states AZ, CA, CO, DE, GA, IL, MA, MO, NC, NE, NH, NV, OK, OR, PA, TX, UT, VA, and WA. 
  • Have experience working in medical settings, on integrated teams, with/in health professions training programs. Experience teaching in residency programs or working in hospitals is valuable.
  • Are looking to grow with a new company and want to expand your clinical practice with health professionals.
  • Have a little extra time in your week for a few clients and can be flexible with scheduling. 
  • Recognize the unique and intricate experience of being a health professional and hold compassion and understanding for our clients.
  • Excited about providing support through video, telephone, and messaging platforms on a schedule that works for your clients
  • Have experience providing one-on-one and/or group therapy or coaching
  • Are a  clinician who leads with authenticity and humanism, forms deep client relationships, and treats clients as whole individuals

How you’ll make an impact

  • Provide brief and ongoing support through  counseling and/or coaching through  video, telephone, and messaging.
  • Practice evidence-based psychotherapy, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT), time-limited dynamic psychotherapy (TLDP), interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT), and emotion-focused therapy (EFT)
  • Provide seamless support through multimodal communication, tailoring services and flexible scheduling to meet your clients needs
  • Actively engage in our community by contributing to case discussions, collaborating and consulting with other clinicians, and developing additional offerings
  • Communicate with other health providers involved in your clients care and provide referrals as needed
  • Be a part of the original Tend Health team!

The benefits of being part of our team

  • Competitive compensation
  • Our model is different; it eliminates the time spent on billing and collections so you can spend more time with your clients
  • We provide all the tools to care for your clients; EHR, phone number, email, and telehealth platform
  • See our patients via telehealth from the comfort of your current office or home
  • Add a part-time clinical practice to your work without the hassle of building your own practice
  • Opportunity to help build a culture that values self-care and collaboration
  • Join a community of clinicians that are passionate and dedicated to this work

Current openings

We are currently accepting applications for clinical psychologists and other doctoral-level mental health clinicians for part-time positions. Please send us your CV and a cover letter

Please send us your CV and a cover letter if you are interested in joining the Tend Health team.