Trauma Informed Leadership in Healthcare

A Course for Health Professionals

Healthcare professionals and systems are struggling. Clinician burnout is higher than ever before, skilled clinicians are leaving the workforce at an alarming rate, and organizations are trying to manage increased demands, lower patient satisfaction, and loss of status and trust in their communities.

This time of crisis calls for a different approach to leadership in healthcare, one that promotes clinician empowerment, safety, flexibility and fulfillment as clinicians provide skillful and compassionate care to patients. In response to this need, Trauma Informed Oregon and Tend Health are offering this Trauma-Informed Leadership course to emerging and mid-level leaders operating in healthcare settings. Trauma informed leaders play a critical role, by reducing burnout and attrition and creating a culture of well-being on their teams. Are you ready to bring a different approach to healthcare leadership to your organization?

Course Dates and Times

This course is live online and runs for 8 consecutive weeks. Participants are asked to commit to attending every session to facilitate group cohesiveness and to engage with the incremental course content. Tend will work with your organization on scheduling and the creation of a group cohort (up to 20 participants) that enables community and equity and limits the impact of organizational power dynamics and hierarchy.

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Course Content and Facilitation

This eight-session training introduces the science, theory, and practice of trauma-informed approaches to leadership. In each session, a new topic will be introduced and will be engaged with through discussion, self-reflection, experiential learning exercises. Participants will receive materials to practice between sessions and implement what they have learned.

Course topics will include:

  • Compassionate leadership during times of stress
    How warmth and kindness help facilitate team efficiency, productivity and psychological safety
  • The impact of systemic oppression and power dynamics in healthcare
    Tools to increase awareness of how these forces shape our day to day choices and cultivating the means to take values-based actions
  • Skills for self-compassion, self regulation, and effective communication
    How to skillfully notice, name and utilize emotional experiences to motivate and communicate with your team
  • Creating and implementing trauma-informed policies and procedures
    Learn how to make policies that promote safety, trust, collaboration, transparency and support in your team and organization

Participants will be guided through the course content and learning process by two experienced facilitators on the Tend Health team. The facilitators are mental health clinicians who specialize in the mental health and well-being healthcare providers and organizations. The group facilitators will also integrate into group sessions their lived experience leading teams in healthcare settings and their commitment to addressing systemic inequities in healthcare.

Please email to inquire about the course, share the needs of your organization, registration process, and to learn more about pricing options.

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