COVID-19 Recovering Course

Bring this course to your organization! We will work with you to coordinate the days and times that best meet your needs. Organizational cost for up to 20 participants: $4000.

Instructor: Tina Runyan, PhD, ABPP

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COVID-19 changed how people access healthcare, how people receive healthcare, and how healthcare professionals deliver care. COVID-19 – and its impact – are not over. The residue on health professionals is real and so is the financial strain. The need to make up lost revenue leaves little time for reflection, processing the impact of COVID-19, and meaning making to support post traumatic growth.

We want to help you unpack all of this. Join us to learn how to name, acknowledge, and create meaning out of the suffering – how to avoid getting stuck and instead move towards post-traumatic growth.

Technology Requirements

This is a live, online video class. To ensure the best possible experience for all participants, the program relies on video conferencing. Minimum requirements include a computer with speakers, microphone, and video capabilities, as well as a high-speed internet connection. You can also review the system requirements for the Zoom online meeting platform.

Step 1: Let Us Know You are Interested

Registration is a two-step process. Send us a note expressing your interest. If you decide to take the course you will hold your spot by with your payment closer to the course date. Thank you!

Step 2: Register for the course

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The exact start days of the session will depend on when the course fills.


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